Capacity building and empowerment
June 14, 2017
The soap project Nyamata –the soap that washes away inequality
June 14, 2017

This program aims at providing REACH visitors with first hand educational package on the Genocide against Tutsis. In details the program provides:
• Firsthand education of the Rwandan genocide and rebuilding effort – to make what is happening in Rwanda personal and real to participants.
• Education on REACH’s ministry and the curriculum used to brings reconciliation.
• Educate Westerners about the fruits and possibilities of reconciliation through the example of Rwanda
• Lead participants through a transformative process of interacting with people who have reconciled in seemingly impossible circumstances, and create a space for participants to engage with Rwandans about participants’ own struggle with reconciliation in their own lives/contexts.
• Provide a new lens for participants to reflect on power and privilege, and ask who the marginalized are in their own context, and what kind of justice and reconciliation God is calling for in their communities.
• Enable people to engage with the biblical story and God’s mission of reconciliation in a transformative way.

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