Philbert Kalisa

Rev Philbert

He is the founder and CEO of REACH organization .The organisation was founded in 1996based on the vision of its founder and CEO Rev. Philbert Kalisa.  He was born in Burundi where his parents were Refugees and being a refugee himself from birth until he was 29, he grew up without certain privileges necessary in life. He failed to pursue his academic studies because the parents had some financial constraints. He had a calling to follow God and after accepting Christ as his personal Saviour in 1982 he found himself studying and graduating in Mweya theological Institute in Burundi in 1986.He was ordained in the Episcopal Church of Burundi in the Diocese of Gitega in 1989. It was while studying for a BA honors Degree in Theology at Trinity College Bristol in the UK

(1993-1996) that the genocide took place in Rwanda (1994). Following a visit to post genocide Rwanda in 1995, he felt a strong calling from God into the reconciliation ministry, and then him and his family moved to Rwanda in 1996 and started the ministry of REACH. Today REACH has grown in leaps and bounces as a non-profit organisation under the mentorship and leadership of Philbert.