Pastor Fidele Mugengana

PASTOR FIDELE MUGENGANA Pastor Fidele was Born in Rwanda in 1955 in a Christian family. He was baptized as a Roman Catholic. His family relocated to Burundi in 1960 as refugees because of the conflicts that started in Rwanda. He went into exile when he was just 5 years old. Unfortunately Fidele lost both parents in a foreign land when he was only 9 years old. Being the first born he had to fend for his siblings. He acquired elementary education and the Government of Burundi did not allow children of refugees to continue in secondary schools. At this juncture Fidel was assisted by an American missionary; from world Evangelical church to finish primary 7.He was enrolled at a secondary school in Northern Burundi. However when the headmaster realized he is Tutsi refugee he fired him from the school. After some years of struggling he went to Uganda to continue his

studies. He finished his secondary school at the helm of conflicts and wars in Uganda. In 1980 he decided to serve God and his savior therefore he went back to Burundi where he served GOD in The Life Ministry and this was a Christian Organization. Years later, he joined Anglican church where he was ordained as a Deacon in 1990 and as a Pastor in 1991. After the 1994 genocide, he came back to Rwanda where he worked at an Anglican Church as Archdeacon in Bugesera. In the year 2000 he joined RWANDA CHRISTIAN TRAUMA COUNSELLING PROGRAM as a Programmes coordinator. He later joined REACH in February 2002 since he appreciated its mission and vision. He is the Chief programmes Officer.