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REACH partners with the community, church leaders, civic organizations, the government of Rwanda and some helping field officers on a voluntary basis. We all work together to bring about Peace, reconciliation forgiveness and thorough healing to brutalized genocide survivors and the perpetrators. The victims and perpetrators are helped in some self-sustaining d continuity programs. REACH also have some international partners helping us to achieve our objectives throughout the world.

Partnership& affiliations includes

We do acknowledge the following partners:

  • Reach for Rwanda (REACH/UK): Legally registered as a UK Charity in August 1996 (Registered Charity No. 1057238).
  • REACHUSA: Charity established in the US inJune
  • Japan Baptist Convention: Agreement was signed between REACH and Japan Baptist Convention (JBC) in April 2005 to start the Cooperative Mission Programme towards the REACH’s vision of healing and reconciliation. This includes support of one part time volunteer from Japan.
  • Japan Food for the Hungry International
  • Dr Sasaki and his mission support in Japan.
  • Hope builders International (Australia). Memorandum of Understanding completed 2010. This includes support of one full time volunteer from Australia.
  • The Diocese of Massachusetts in the Episcopal Church in USA.
  • Sherborne School in UK.

Our partners include

Hope builders International (Australia)
Sherborne School in UK.
The Diocese of Massachusetts inthe Episcopal Church in USA.

You too can become our partner. Call us on +250 788 300 752