Our Customers

Our approach

Our customers and prospective customers determine our future success. We are therefore committed to making sure we always treat our customers fairly.
Below we have outlined some of our key areas of focus:

Peace wellbeing

One of our Key focus areas, we define peace wellbeing as being and feeling  naturally  secured, able to provide for yourself and your family, now and in the future freely.

Understanding our customers’ needs

We conduct regular research into how customers choose to attend our Peace programmes, and their levels of satisfaction with the programmes and services they receive.  We use a number of tools, including customer surveys, customer segmentation, focus groups and wider public research to gain a full understanding of our customers’ needs.

Communicating on issues that matter

The way to build a long-term relationship with our current and future customers is to communicate with them in an open and honest way. To make sure this happens consistently we have strict processes in place to govern how we talk with them about their past and involvement in disturblising  a peaceful nation.

Matching customers to the right products and services

Working closely with voluntary field advisors means we must equip them with the information and support they need to fully understand the programs we offer and provide their customers with the best service they can. We do this through online training videos, newsletters and manuals. We also advise them on providing their customers with the most peace and reconciliation programmes.