Where REACH Works

  • We’re headquartered in Kibagabaga Kigali Rwanda, at No. 10, KG 307St , with offices in Kayonza work stations in Nyamata ,Nyanza and Rwamagana. Reach aims to have representatives throughout the country and the East African region. We also have partners in UK,USA,Japan and Australia. We also have incredible volunteer fellows working in the field throughout the year.
  • In addition to all these dedicated REACH PEOPLE, we would not be able to reach so many communities and scale our impact without the extensive network of Field Partners and Trustees who help connect us with the people who need healing .
  • Field Partners do incredible work for REACH; they all share one thing in common: the desire to improve people’s lives through safe, fair access to peace and healing session’s .Learn how to become a field partner.
  • For those who want to become friends of REACH, They MAY contact us on www.reach.org or on +250 788 300 752 and talk to Rev. Philbert Kalisa.
  • Head office Address. Reach Ccenter No 10, KG 303 Kibagabaga,Kigali,Rwanda
  • REACH youth Center,Kayonza,Rwanda
1 Call center    
2 Reception +250 789 356 037 contactus@reach.org
3 CEO/Founder’s office +250 788 300 752 philbertkalisa@gmail.com
4 Chief operations office    
5 Head of admin and HR +250 788 570 121


Looking for answers? We’re here to help. send key issues or popular topics for Peace building, the 1994 genocide, reconciliation, development, forgiveness, HIV and AIDs ,community work, self-sustenance projects, marriage, family, tolerance and looking into the future etc. We work at the intersection of technology, business and love...and we're just re-energized.

Partner with us

REACH’S organization and foundation partners are key to our success! Whether it’s a grant to support our most innovative work, or a customized program to engage your customers and employees – we’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities with you. Contact us atcontactus@reach.org to learn more.